Our Truth

I understand why, to stop a large amount of traffic, but I find it quite annoying that long-distance coach stations are usually placed obscenely far out of town centres. Now normally I would’ve walked from the station but that’s because usually my overnight buses arrive early in the morning. This time however, I caught the Metro across town as I didn’t get in until 2pm. The Metro was very straightforward, only boarded the one train to my destination. I got off and checked into my hostel.

Having settled into my room, I left to take advantage of the lovely weather and get a load of shopping done. I took a little stroll around the local area and found a little park area so I sat for a bit before going back to the hostel for my first home cooked dinner of this trip.

In the evening, I stumbled into one of the deepest conversations I’ve ever had. The guy I was speaking with was heavily into his philosophy and had very strong views on a lot of topics which was just a bit too much for me to cope with that late at night. Could explain why I slept so well then.

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