Wake The Dead

Pounding the marble streets of Milan, it was obvious I did not fit in, so I ended my day with a very morbid walk around the cemetery, but I’ll get to that later…
As I was only in Milan for the day, I realised I needed to see as much as possible throughout the day. I set off shortly after my breakfast and took the main street down to the centre of town. At 11am on a Sunday morning, this street was quite bare as it seemed almost everybody was in the park. I took a walk around the park myself and found a large pond with a whole host of residents. As the climate is similar to Spain, I wasn’t surprised to see turtles in the pond but this was the first water environment in which I found large fish.

After the park, I continued my trek into the city centre and passed by a few churches. These all seem to follow a similar pattern of a wide building with a tall tower attached to the side of it. The Duomo cathedral on the other hand, followed no pattern. This was an insane, Gothic style monument with intricate designs to be found everywhere. Due to the crowds surrounding here, I found myself in a shopping arcade with a glass ceiling and what looked like marble walls. Upon entering this mall, I ran into three or four blanket seller’s who were coming right at me but they were running from something, just happened to be in my direction. A couple of seconds later, I glance at three heavily stocked police officers and the story becomes clear. It’s illegal to blanket sell in the arcade and they were being naughty boys.

To get away from this chaos, I took a scenic route to the river and had a bit of a lie down on the riverbank before setting off back into town. On my way back to the centre, I stumbled upon a massive castle and decided to take a wander around. It seems I was one of a few who was actually exploring the castle as I ended up in an almost operatic show in the top room of the castle. There was a small handful of people gathered around a set of musicians all engrossed in the dulcet tones of the vocalist. I’m not sure of the setup, but she seemed to be singing in both English and Italian and it was a song about “working the night shift” (?). Peculiar to say the least.

And now the bit you’ve been waiting for…

Having spoken to a roommate on the previous day, he suggested I took a walk through the cemetery. I thought nothing of this and took his advice. I’m glad I did. As one enters the graveyard, you are struck by a massive white marble building and if you venture underneath there are corridors upon corridors of plaques all dedicated to past relatives. Some are clearly looked after and some have obviously been forgotten are bout over time. Behind this building is where it gets better though. There are hundreds of gravestones but not just your usual headpiece, these are works of art unto themselves. Statues of the dead, statues of Jesus, of Mary, glass paned buildings, almost skyscraper proportion towers. The majority of the buildings are dedicated to the familial powerhouses of Italy but the smaller graves are just extraordinary memorials. Having spent almost an hour wandering around this place I decided to call it a day.

I went back to my hostel and after cooking some dinner, I socialised with my new comrades in the common room and we ended up discussing a range of topics including the new Pokemon GO game. Certainly a change from the previous nights talks. I left to go to bed as I knew I had to be up early to catch my bus to Florence.

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