The Decade Of Statues

​Having explored the northern side of Florence on Tuesday, I figured it was only right to explore the southern side of the river yesterday.
I had a little bit of a lie in compared to my previous day so I didn’t get as early start as hoped but I still made it to the river before the hordes arrived. My first port of call was the Michealangelo Piazza. This is a copy of the statue of David but this one is on the top of a tremendous hill so the views are absolutely stunning. I then headed down to the Torre San Niccolò which is an old tower at the bottom of the hill. There’s two of these, one on each side of the river which I’m guessing were the old Defences.

I then took a walk towards the Boboli Gardens. Strolling through there I came across some magnificent statues, the best ones in my view were actually hidden out of sight. There was a small grotto that housed quite a few statues but due to decay, they were all covered in limestone and so looked creepier than your average figure. The faces were disfigured and didn’t have the original colouring even.

From there I continued around the park stopping every so often to take a break from the beating sun. Quite often I would break off from the usual path and follow snickets to take advantage of the natural shadows of the trees.

Having wandered around the gardens for well over two hours, I took solace in the museums. The current display on at the moment is women through history, housing a large collection of dresses and clothing from different designers throughout history. Even though the attire was the main attraction, the house itself was incredible. There were large pieces of art displayed on the ceilings and gold plated decorations all over the walls.

As soon as I left this exhibit, I had to face the boiling sun again. I realised I had to go back to the hostel for a lie down before I passed out from sunstroke. On my way back, I walked over the Ponte Vecchio which is an old bridge housing expensive jewellery shops. The best view is from the centre of the bridge.

I got back to my hostel and had nap for a couple of hours, taking advantage of the fan for myself. I used this time to get my next hostel sorted. Next port of call being Pisa for a night, then Rome.

As 7pm rolled in, I decided to take a passeggiata or evening stroll to you and I. My first objective was to walk back to the Ponte Vecchi to catch the sunset but I was a bit early so I wandered around the town again for a bit. One peculiar sight I found was a statue of David again but this one was prone, on the floor, and a black colour as opposed to the usual white. Research stated that this was artwork, aimed at the victims of terror. Just so happened, it was on display during the recent attack in Nice, and ended it’s run on the day I left Firenze. I was quite lucky to catch a glimpse of it then. A couple of hours later, I was able to get a perfect view of the sunset, not from the bridge, but with the bridge in shot.

If I say so myself, a brilliant ending to my time in Florence.

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