From Out Of Nowhere

As I stated in my last post I left my hostel at 6am to walk to the bus station on the other side of town. According to my map, it would only take 45 minutes, as it was on the complete other side of town, but I really wanted to get out of that hostel. In comparison to yesterday, the streets of Pisa were deserted and I was actually able to get a few more pics as I passed through. I got to my stop a good hour and a half early so I just waited. Eventually the bus arrived and I boarded my journey to Rome.

Getting off in Rome was pretty surreal as the bus stopped in Tiburtina and I needed to be at Termini. I checked and as it was a good 25/30 minute walk I opted for the Metro, well I would’ve done if some guy hadn’t ushered me to the ticket office to buy a ticket. Found my way to Termini and from there I had to get out to Zagarolo which is where my hostel is so I bought a ticket then found out it had to be “stamped”. I asked a guy, who looked like an army officer, where to stamp it and he just told me to go to a box on the wall. I still don’t know if I did it properly as nobody even checked my ticket! The hostel here actually offer a pick up service from the train station so I gave them a buzz and got collected 5 minutes later.

Having been checked in and given a guided tour, I got settled. It seems a lot better than my last hostel although once again I was welcomed into my room by a guy’s rear end. This time it was covered and he was asleep so I’ll forgive him just this once. Got a shower and signed up for the Pizza party tonight, get to make pizza and then eat it until we’re sick. Sounds like my kinda party!

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