Party Hard

Well this weekend was a blast!

Started Friday night with a pizza party where we got to make traditional pizzas and then eat our creations, coupled with a lot to drink, easily made a lot of friends that night.
Saturday daytime was a lot more relaxed, sat by the pool and had bit of a dip to cool down from the heat. Didn’t really do much else during the daytime but the evening was completely different. The local village of Zagarolo had a ‘Bread Festival’ that night. As unappealing as that sounds, it really wasn’t. It’s all set in the main high street and nearly every house had a table outside with the family stood round. On the table was a topping of their choice, they would have a loaf of bread and would cut off a chunk and place the topping on the bread. There was a stand with jams and marmalades, one with Parma ham slices (cut right in front of you), a stand with chillies, one with chicory, and the most peculiar was a cow stew using the intestines of the cow! There was also one with deep fried bread, vegetables and a stand with a bread stew. I had a selection from most of these and also had quite a bit to drink. Ended up with a ladybird painted on my face!

The locals were in full swing and I turned into quite the attraction, got in lots of photos with people and danced in the streets with them.

Having got back to the hostel we all had a good laugh at my face as by then I had sweated the colour out and it just looked like I’d been injured instead. Crowned myself ‘Guest of the year 2016‘.

Due to my antics the previous night, I decided not to do much on the Sunday but I did start the day with a walking tour into Zagarolo and learnt all about the town and it’s history. Learnt about the Nazi invasion, the way the high street is shaped as a crucifix and how the streets actually act as a living room as most of the houses only have a bedroom, toilet and kitchen. Then headed down to the farmers market where I had gelato, some local wine and some homegrown fruit. Homegrown by the hostels partner. After this I relaxed by the pool again, spent nearly 3 hours in the water itself!

After a bit of a messy night, I woke up this morning and had to leave for my volunteer placement so packed up and sadly said goodbye to the hostel.

Getting to my new place was a bit of a trek. I had to take the shuttle bus from the hostel, to the train station, and then I got the train into Rome itself. From there, I had to take the metro, to another station, Flaminio and then the train from there, to Sant’Oreste station. Finally I got picked up by my host and got a tour round the villa.

For the next few weeks, this is my view…

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