Worker Bees

So I’m currently staying at a recreation centre just north of Rome, working for my accommodation and food.
The first job I had was to clean the changing rooms and then I was tasked with making the dinner for the crew. I went to bed shortly after that. I say bed, well, it’s a mattress and sheets in a tent on the roof of the bar/kitchen, so it’s certainly an experience, and even better, it’s solely for me.

The next day it was an early, and strenuous, start. Along with another volunteer, we had to clean the front path and the picnic area of pine twigs. This involved raking the paths for what felt like ages, it was in fact about 2-3 hours of raking. After this I got my introduction to the bar area and started to talk to the customers. They only speak Italian and I barely speak Italian, so that was a disparate situation. That evening I didn’t cook but instead I was cooked for. At night I couldn’t sleep that well as I could swear I could hear people shouting for a missing dog. Speaking to the others, they said I was dreaming as they didn’t hear anything! Then again, I did have a couple other peculiar dreams so I don’t know.

This morning was an early start again, but this time I got out of raking. Instead I was asked to fix the sign outside the venue and then to attach a mirror in the gents changing rooms. The sign fixing was simple, I just had to take out some screws and put longer ones in and then fix the foundations. It was not as professional as the decking I was helping with previously.

In the afternoon, the other volunteers and I had the chance to go into the local town of Sant’Oreste. We were dropped off by our host and then we took a wander around the place.

We strolled around the streets and it was very reminiscent of my time spent in Zagarolo as it has the same community spirit within its walls. Everybody knows everybody and they all associate with each other in the streets. We then took a walk up to the top of the hill so we could get a better view of the place. However, there wasn’t an actual path to the top so we had to trek through brambles and thorns to get up the hill. From the top, there is an excellent spectacle of Sant’Oreste.

To get back down, I thought against going back the same way so we decided to take a different route. However this wasn’t as fortunate as I was hoping, and I had to slide for a little bit, but there was a road to walk on instead so that was ok and we met up with our host at the agreed spot.

Getting back to the pool, I took a nice refreshing dip to cool off from my day. Perfect way to end.

One thought on “Worker Bees

  1. Jill

    Well it sounds like you are earning your keep although I am not sure the sleeping arrangements sound to good. You say on your walk you walked on a “toad” I hope no animals were hurt on your return to the complex!!!


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