So yesterday was an odd start…

After doing my usual cleaning, raking the front driveway of leaves so it looks presentable for customers, I took a wander into the picnic area at the edge of the forest.
I first had to clear the area of debris and cut off a couple of branches that were “dangerous”. I next took it upon myself to make a bench out of a fallen tree. I thought this would be a simple task: cut into the wood at either end of the designated area and then the bit in the middle should just peel off. I thought this would work as I’d be peeling with the grain but I was incorrect. It was not simple. In fact, it was so difficult, that after 3 hours, I gave up as I (excuse the pun) had barely scratched the surface.

I took it slowly for the rest of the afternoon as we had a massive party in the evening, not for us, but for a guest. It took quite a while to set everything up for over 50 people. We had to move benches, set places and ensure they had a good time throughout. Ultimately,  we didn’t get to eat out dinner until midnight. A few of us then took a walk up to the forest to sit under the stars. I stupidly laid down and ended up falling asleep. I didn’t get back to my tent until about 2am! No wonder I was shattered when I woke up this morning.

Got up at about 9am and did my usual cleaning of the driveway. I then had to put out the sun loungers and wipe them down. I think I ended up wiping off more of my own sweat than actual dirt.

The rest of the day was alright, I think I’m starting to get the hang of this Italian language too!!!

One thought on “Unbreakable

  1. Jill

    After our trip to valley gardens and seeing the wood sculptures I thought you would have had the bench making down to a tee!!!! Never mind better luck next time. I am very impressed that you are getting the hang of the language, I guess that should make things a bit simpler for you. X


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