Everybody’s Talkin’

Politics. Trip Advisor. Instagram and Facebook. Google Traffic. The Pool. Bed & Breakfast. Fishing.

Thanks to my limited knowledge of Italian and extraordinary gesticulating, these were the subjects I was able to work out during the meal with our next-door neighbours.

We, all the staff of the piscina, went for a meal with our neighbours at their house. They’re a B&B, so they’re used to hosting large groups of people but I don’t think they were ready for us. Right from the get go, our dog started barking at theirs, and chased their cats around the place. Then when we sat down for dinner, it got awkward as only half of the table actually understood Italian. The meal itself was brilliant; pasta starter, roast chicken main and watermelon dessert. But after a few hours, our dog decided it was home time as she started barking loudly from under the table.

During the day, it was a rather different affair. After my initial cleaning tasks, I got to visit the local town of Nazzano. The plan originally was to visit the town while my host went to the cash and carry but due to the immense rain, I went shopping instead. I was still able to get a photo of the town from a distance.

When I got back to the pool after shopping I ended up on the bar. Now, after the busy weekend, today was pretty quiet due to the bad weather, and the fact it was a Monday. As it was so tranquil, I was actually able to hold down the bar virtually on my own, which was good as I got to practice some of my new language skill in a calmer environment.

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