Us And Them

So I realise it’s been a few days since my last post. Monday was the last time I updated this. Since then I’ve done quite a bit…

Tuesday through the day wasn’t that exciting but we had a pizza party in the evening. A friend of the business came to see us and he cooked a load of pizzas for us. There was prosciutto pizza, mushroom pizza, calzones, everything your heart could wish for. While eating the pizzas, we also played round the world on the ping pong table, it’s any wonder how we didn’t get indigestion!

Wednesday was good fun as it was pretty quiet, quiet enough for me to do some painting. I was given a small plank of wood that had a light blue canvas and was given no instructions. I originally set out to paint a forest scene with vines and flowers running through it. Halfway through I changed my mind to fireworks and so by the end it was a strange combination of the two. I also gave up on using paintbrushes and resorted to using my fingers instead. Some of it may have gotten on my face as a result of this.

In the evening of Wednesday,  I laid on the roof and took a long hard look at the stars and deliberated with others about the chance of life on other planets. Quite a surreal end to a surreal day.

Thursday was chaos. Two of the other volunteers went to Rome for the day so I was virtually in charge of the bar for the day. It did give me a chance to really communicate with the customers and I was able to pick up a few more words of the language.

I took a bit of time off during Friday and relaxed while the other volunteers worked. Then in the evening, all of us went out into the town of Rignano Flaminio for pizza. It was quite nice to see another small community in the area even if it was quite dark.

Today, Saturday, was very odd indeed. One would think that a weekend would be the perfect time to visit a pool but apparently not. The piscina was rather empty and nothing like the previous Saturday. I even had chance to play a few games of table tennis and have a bit of a sunbathe. We also found a bass guitar in a cupboard so I had a little mess around on that. It won’t work with the amp though so we’re all going to have a go at fixing it. But that’s for a future post.

4 thoughts on “Us And Them

  1. Anonymous

    suona come stai avendo un tempo meraviglioso . Amare i blog , potremmo avere qualche foto per favore? Stai attento xx


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