Informal Gluttony

As I’ve been working, I haven’t posted anything for a while. Now in fairness, I haven’t really done much that I deem newsworthy but I’ll try to recap.

Previously I had the chance to go to Nazzano but due to the bad weather I declined. This time, there was no rain so I explored the streets. In all honesty, there’s not that much in the way of sightseeing but similar to Sant’Oreste, it resembles Zagarolo in a way. There’s a high gateway and following from there is a lot of houses leading towards the castle. There’s a water fountain and some fields round the back of the fountain but nothing really captivating.

The castle itself it a bit of a waste really as it’s all locked up and not available to the public. I did wander round the outside in the hopes I could find a way in, but to no success. I found out after that it’s actually owned by a private company who keep it locked up permanently.

Wednesday we had a bit of a party as a send off for one of the other volunteers. We set up tables with candles on and had dinner with all the staff. After dinner, she was presented with a cake and then she left early next morning.
On the Friday, I took the day off and I utilised it very productively by sleeping most of the day. I woke up at about midday and had some food then slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon. In the evening, all the crew and I went into Sant’Oreste as there was a street festival on for the weekend. We walked down the main street and saw a three piece band in a little alcove before we had a traditional fried treat. It was rice and mozzarella in a tomato sauce and then deep-fried. As we headed further into the town, we came across customers and acquaintances of the pool, one of which bought us all a glass of prosecco each. Around 11pm we came across another band playing in the street but these didn’t have as much of a crowd. I don’t know if it’s because of the time, their location or the music they were playing. It was only rock music but seemed quite heavy for the common public. One of the hosts then disappeared for a while and when he came back he had four plates of steak for us and a couple bottles of wine. We devoured this before heading back to the centre for more sleep.

The weekend was ridiculously busy. The Monday was a public holiday in Italy so people came in their droves to the pool. It was so busy in the kitchen that I was roped in and ended up plating sides and sandwiches. The Tuesday was supposed to be quieter, or at least we expected it to be quieter so we sent one of the cooks home. Once again, I was asked to help out and it felt like I’d never been away from the kitchen. I was tasked with salads and rice dishes while the house chef presented gnocchi and spaghetti meals. After two hours, service was over so I cleaned the place down and got back on the bar. Halfway through the lunch rush, a new volunteer joined us and so she was introduced quite quickly to the place and then in the evening we all played basketball and took a splash in the pool.

Today was a completely different affair to the madness from the last few days. People didn’t arrive at the place until about 11am and only 6 people ate lunch so it was a lot easier for everyone. I was even able to have an early morning swim and took a nap in the hammock. Considering I only served three people, it might as well been a day off.

One thought on “Informal Gluttony

  1. Jill

    Sounds like you have been having fun. It’s a shame about the castle it looks really interesting would have been good to take a look inside. Sounds like the bank hols went well you managed to get some celebrating in too. More pics please you promised some of the site and your bedroom with possible escape routes hahaha Xx


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