Ghandi Mate, Ghandi

Last Wednesday was the last time I updated and things have been odd, to say the least. 

So nothing of substance happened on the Thursday, or the Friday daytime but things certainly got interesting on the Friday evening.

The local town of Sant’Oreste had a youth festival in the evening. Unlike the party the previous weekend, this one was in a field and had a couple of stages. The biggest stage had a massive crowd and DJs playing their tracks. In the spirit of things, a few of us from the pool all had a bit of a boogie and enjoyed the evening.

At one point, the MC, signalled at me, and only me, and ushered me up on stage. To keep things moving I tried hyping the crowd and could see a good amount of people getting into it. I then had a few photos taken with the MC and even got behind the decks for a few more pics.

So now I’m a local celebrity I made my way back down to my friends and we had a few more drinks before heading back to our abode. Peculiar night to say the least.

On the Saturday night, having recently overcome my hangover, I went for a run with my host. There’s a path just outside the nearest town that has calisthenic exercises littered at certain distances. So its a case of running to each section then working out and then running to the next one. Considering this is most exercise I’ve done in a while, I really went and tried my darn hardest to get the best out of it. 

As Tuesday rolled in, things got a little sombre as one of the other volunteers left to go back home. He started on the same day I did and had been with us for about 4 weeks so everybody had really bonded with him. It was very sad to see him leave and a couple of members of staff even shed a few tears. He only left as his visa had run out, I think he’d still be here otherwise.

Over the course of the next few days I didn’t get up to much but I did do a bit of painting.

Last night I went for another run and on our way there we saw a dog just running in the middle of the road. Due to the amount of cars we weren’t able to help it. The group and I went for our run which was incredibly intense as once again I pushed myself to my limit. I had music this time so I was able to motivate myself even more. Surprisingly, Slipknot is really good workout music. Having got rid of a lot of my pent up energy we headed back. Strangely enough we saw the dog again and this time were even more concerned as nobody had come to collect it and it may not have made it through the night. We picked the dog up so we could hopefully find the owner. Checking her over in light, it’s a female dog, we found a collar attached but no owner details so we contacted authorities and kept her safe. In honour of our last member of staff we named her after him, they do share some similarities both in personality and looks.

2 thoughts on “Ghandi Mate, Ghandi

  1. Jill

    Like the paintings are they stencils or did you do them free hand?? Very impressed by the running sounds like you are really getting into it well done Xx💃👣


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