War Ensemble

​Volunteers came and went, a new pet and a visit to the Bunker Soratte. Been quite an interesting few days since I last posted.

So the previous update ended with us finding a dog on the road and us adopting her. A few days after this, a cat arrived from out of nowhere and as per our new tradition, we named this one after a previous volunteer too. Male cat, female name, pretty confusing.

Last Tuesday, the other volunteer waved goodbye and surprisingly, another turned up on the following day, the Wednesday evening. He’d been hitchhiking his way through Italy and we knew he’d turn up soon but no idea as to when.
The days that followed were not busy at all as we’d entered September and the weather was erratic, raining one minute and the rain the next. Felt like I was back in Britain.

On the Saturday night, the whole crew and I went to visit a local tourist spot. It’s called Bunker Soratte and it was an apparent hiding spot for the Nazis during WWII and used during the Cold War. Its actually located deep inside the mountain so you have to walk through tunnels before you even get to the Bunker and the Bunker itself is behind incredibly thick steel doors. It looks more like a cross between the Batcave and a villains lair from James Bond. Now, growing up in the UK, I was always taught of the pressures we faced during the wars and thus, it was an incredibly strange feeling seeing signs distinguishing us as the enemy. I’m not sure how much of the attraction is a re-creation but they did state that they didn’t know the true purpose for each room.

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