Ghost Walking

Do you believe in ghosts?


This was the question posed to me last Sunday and was followed by a visit to an apparently haunted house. At 1am, most things can look as if they’re tormented by spirits and this wasn’t helped by the derelict state the house was in. The reason we went there was because my host is in the process of perhaps purchasing the property and wanted our view on the place.

To get a full perspective, we all visited it again on the Monday. We did this during the day as the weather was so bad we didn’t even open. The visit during the day gave a lot more as we got to see the whole property which included stables and a couple of extra smaller houses. All of them are in bad condition and would take a tremendous amount of work to restore to their full potential. Unfortunately I didn’t find any ghosts in any of the buildings but there was an awful feeling that time had stopped as they all looked like people had just up and left the places without packing or even tidying.
Due to the strange weather, things didn’t pick up at the pool again and so we were left in a strange state of purgatory where we didn’t really know what to do. So on the Friday I created a job for myself.

The crisps/chips were stacked on a cardboard shelf that was provided by the supplier, the problem was that it was slowly collapsing in on itself and had no means to repair it. Instead I used some old vegetable crates and some rope and crafted one myself. I first covered the crates in wood treatment in order to stop any discolouration and then threaded rope through the side panels.

Only on the final box did I actually tie the rope but this means the crates can be adjusted and even replaced easily. I’m really happy with it as loads of people have commented on it and even the supplier was so impressed he took photos!

One thought on “Ghost Walking

  1. Jill

    The property looks very interesting do you think your boss will buy it ? The shelving looks very impressive, if the rep has taken photos then perhaps you should apply for a patent. If they like your idea then there could be money to be made haha Xx 😄


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