Danger: Wildman

​Saturday evening was a nice change as we went into the centre of Rome. A friend of my host was coming to the pool and so we went to pick her up from the bus station.
To make the most out of our trip, we decided to stop just outside the centre and get some pizza. It seems Saturday evening is the wrong time to go as the place was absolutely packed. We ended up waiting 40 minutes for a table and another 30 minutes for the food! Safe to say, I won’t be going back there again.

A couple of the other workers, were making a treehouse in the gardens and they asked if I could make a ladder for them. I got two large logs and started to make plans for my ladder. On Sunday I started to build it. I thought the best way was to cut out bits out of the wooden supports so the rungs would slot in. I used the similar cutting technique as I did with my bench but the time the wood was a lot softer. Another volunteer joined in as he said he was really bored so together we cut markings and then using a chisel, chipped away at the wood. Having done this, we needed to sand the supports and the rungs to make sure there was no rough areas where people could get splinters, this took a long time as it had to all be done by hand. After what seemed like forever, it was all sanded.

Woke up on Monday around midday as it was the very first day we were actually closed and so I wanted a bit of a lie in. Spent the rest of the morning in a haze between relaxing and preparing lunch. In the afternoon, I painted my wooden logs in primer/wood treatment to ensure it doesn’t rot. A second coat is needed and then I can assemble it.

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