When It Rains

Now let me get one thing straight, I had planned to post an update a lot sooner in the week but due to a lightning strike on the Tuesday, we were left without proper Internet access until Monday.

So last Sunday, the 11th, I woke up early and refreshed ready for loads of people to find we only had a handful of customers; some of which were cousins of my host so not even real customers. I did end up playing basketball with them though so that was a nice change. Throughout most of the day, I spent my time in the kitchen, getting things cleaned. We pulled out all the stock, cleaned everything down and put it all back as tidy as possible, very necessary if you ask me.

Due to the bad weather forecast and subsequent bad weather, not many people turned up the next few days so I had to find a project.

Using some old yogurt tubs, large 1kg tubs (not the typical single portion tubs), I set out to make a totem pole. I first secured 4 tubs to a large tin using glue for the tubs and a screw for the can. I then made a papier mache mix and covered my creation. Leaving it to dry overnight I came back to it the next day and put on another layer, this time also putting on extra layers in certain areas to make it 3D. A couple of coats of base paint and then on Wednesday, I finished it off with a layer of colour, making it as bright as possible.

Thursday was supposed to be a very productive day, I had planned to do a lot of work but unfortunately my plans fell through. The rain started at 7am, and didn’t end until about 1pm so I was very lethargic and just dawdled about the place. I did do a couple of the jobs I had planned; to cut a fellow volunteers hair and get some cleaning done. So I can’t say it was a lazy day.

By the time Friday rolled round, I’d run out of inside cleaning jobs and needed to find something to do outside. So I took it upon myself to get the back of the building cleared out. I found loads of old clothes, some signs from the previous owners and a lot of useful tools, just dumped in the back.

It’s all clean now.

One thought on “When It Rains

  1. Jill

    And I thought you had stopped posting blogs because you were very busy not because of the weather. Auntie Suzie said you had been having some bad weather, they have been to Spain and were checking the weather globally.well now I can see what you were doing with the papier mache, very good will you be able to display it somewhere? You didn’t say wether you colleague liked their hair cut???


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