To Plant A Seed

I thought gardeners were supposed to have green fingers, so how come I ended up with black?

Having painted my ladder I had to wait for my host to buy some screws so I could fix it all together, as usual, this took some time. While I waited, I took on another challenge, to create a vegetable garden. My first objective was to clear everything away, this meant pulling out large overgrown weeds and raking everything back. I spent all day Tuesday pulling out weeds using as many tools as I could find. I was absolutely exhausted by the end and wasn’t even happy with my progress.

I had a little break from the garden on Wednesday as some relatives were visiting Rome so I got to have a very good catch up with them. We had arranged to meet at 4.30pm but I decided to head in a few hours early to get a little bit of sightseeing in first. As I hadn’t planned properly, I didn’t have a map on me so I just had to use street signs. My first sight was the Trevi fountain but I didn’t know this until I had left the area, all I saw was a massive crowd of people so I thought I would also take a few photos.

Following a tour group, I ended up at the Pantheon. Turns out it’s free entry but I didn’t go in as I thought I was on a tight time constraint, in hindsight, I had hours to spare. As I got to the meeting point, Roma Termini, I was a few hours ahead of schedule so I took a little wander around the local area but didn’t stray too far so I didn’t get lost. I met up with my family and went for a relaxed meal in a local restaurant. I got to hear all about their holiday and I told them my exploits. For my journey back, they donated a map and I was able to find my train station. There wasn’t many sights on my return journey but I did pass a couple of embassies, that were surrounded by military forces which was very daunting to say the least. Found my way back though.

As Thursday rolled around, I needed to get back into the garden and finish what I had started. The problem was that every time I dug up one weed, another popped it’s head out. I was fighting a losing battle. Ultimately, I ended up digging them out by hand and by the end of Friday, my fingers were covered in blisters, but the ground was clear so I was happy. Apparently, ash is supposed to be a good fertilizer or it’s good for the soil, or something, so I covered the top in ash. I hope that’s correct.

As the tree-house was starting to take shape, I thought I should probably finish the ladder so I spent Saturday ensuring this got finished.

When it’s all built, I will post photos.

One thought on “To Plant A Seed

  1. Jill

    Hey I am very impressed gardening, DIY tour guide there is no end to your talents. Yes please photos lots so I can see all your very talented skills, it does sound as if you are having a great time. Has the ladder been checked by health and safety for load bearing limits? Xx


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