In Ashes They Shall Reap

“Ashes are all that you’re left with what you sow in flames … Those who sow in flames, in ashes they shall reap” Hatebreed (2009)

So the last few days have mainly been filled with woodwork and painting. The tree-house is almost built but the fence around the platform is still under construction. The idea is to have 12 fence posts each with their own individual design on the top and members of staff have to make these ornaments on the top. Before I started my designs, another volunteer had already created a spherical ball and had started carving out a cola bottle from the post. I spent quite a while thinking of my first design until I just opened my eyes. Right in front of me was one of the dogs, Austin, sat staring at something in the distance. This was my first, my second was a take on a classic children’s toy; the cube where you have to get all colours matched. To avoid any copyright infringement, I called mine a Rubis Cube.

While they dried, a few of us decided to rake behind the new vegetable patch and ended up throwing loads of dry vegetation onto the garden. As I put loads of ash on before, we thought it might be good to burn the leaves directly on to the garden and that way we could get rid of any leftover weeds at the same time.

Previously, I talked about my host putting an offer down on a house, well that all went through so the next objective was to get the place cleaned up. A few of us went over and did a preliminary clean and turned it from an old, dusty, bug-infested place, into an old, not so dusty, less bug-infested place.

Tuesday morning was a new task for me of my own choice. For the last two months I have been living in a tent on the roof and to get up there I have to climb up a dirt path. As it rained a couple of weeks ago, heavy rain, the path became rather slippery and so I thought it would be a good idea to make some steps leading up to the roof so it’s a bit easier. It took me about 4 hours to dig out the mud, layer in some stone foundations and secure the bricks in. As shown below, the top right pic is the mud path and the bottom left is my staircase.

Hopefully I did a reasonable job…

One thought on “In Ashes They Shall Reap

  1. Jill

    Hey nice work, I think your steps should do the trick. I am not so sure about setting fire to your vegetable garden I don’t know what will be left behind when the fire goes out. I hope it hasn’t made more work for you 😆


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