Stairway To Heaven

The treehouse is finally finished!

So now all the posts have been attached and the fence has finally been constructed, the treehouse is finished.

Out of the 12 posts, I carved out 4 of the ornaments; two of which you know about anyway; the Bust of Austin and the Rubis Cube. I also painted one completely white and wrote the names of the people who helped build it. My final post was a set of 3 stairs that I painted blue, green and red to symbolise a Stairway To Heaven, hence the title of this update.

Another project I have been doing is a mosaic for the fountain at the entrance to the place. Previously it was painted blue and then had a load of stones just thrown in the bottom and it looked really unattractive so after the stones had been cleared out, I was given a box of tiles and asked to design a mosaic. After much deliberation, a lot of scrapped ideas and a good few scale models, I decided to play it by ear and see what would happen if I just placed them in the fountain and then grouted them in place. So far I’ve only placed a few in before the rain started so I, unfortunately, had to call it a day.

Also, don’t forget to check out (and like) the Facebook page where I’ll be posting more photos and exclusive updates!

One thought on “Stairway To Heaven

  1. Jill

    The tree house looks really good, excellent post ornaments shame you had to cut short the fountain work. Keep up the good work 😎


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