(Ghost) Riders In The Sky

Calcutta is in India, and Calcata is a small town in Italy. Guess which I visited on Sunday…

…You guessed right, I visited Calcata. It’s a little town about 25 minutes from my abode that’s built onto the side of a hill with a valley just behind it. There’s not that much to see but there are a lot of viewpoints and the horizon seems to circle the place. Built into the rock are a lot of houses but unfortunately they seem to be quite often empty or perhaps they’re used as second homes. I don’t think there was anything special going on over the weekend but the centre seemed to be rather busy and a lot of buildings were open to the general public including museums, galleries and the church.

On the Monday and Tuesday I didn’t do much of substance, mainly just worked on my mosaic and helped out cleaning. I’ll post photos of the mosaic when I’ve finished as it’s not too attractive in the meantime.

Wednesday was the most interesting day by far! I was asked to mow the grass but as there’s so much greenery, I used the tractor. Now I’ve never used one before so it was great fun to zoom about cutting the grass. There were large patches of grass with a ton of sticks and stones so I had to rake that before I could cut that area but overall it was tremendous amusement.

One thought on “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky

  1. Jill

    So now you understand the fun Grandad has hahaha
    The village sounds lovely, it would have been interesting to see inside the houses in the rock Xx


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