There’s a particular reason I’m writing two posts in one day, that’s because it was such a unique evening.

So the pool officially closed back in September but as we made such an impression on certain customers, we were invited to a dinner at their house.

It took about 40 minutes to get to their place as they live in a flat in Rome and as usual we were running late. By the time we arrived, we were greeted by about a dozen smiling faces. After brief introductions, name, country of origin etc, we were treated to an evening on Buddhism. At first I found it pretty hard to grasp the discussion as they were speaking in Italian but after a quick conclusion, in English I started to get the hang of the conversation. They were discussing the levels of training it takes to grasp the concept and the exams one must undertake. They were also talking about the need for consistent meditation with a simile about a cyclist (in order to stay upright, one must continue to pedal, read; to stay balanced, one must continue to meditate and stay focused on positive energy). Another topic was of Karma and the effects of a positive environment. After a lot of talking, of which have I probably understood about half, we all turned to face a scripture on the wall. They all started chanting and I attempted to join in but to not much luck. It only lasted a minute or so, but it felt like ages. Following this, everybody stood up and said their goodbyes apart from the hosts who started preparing the dinner table.

We all had our food and promptly left. It was a very pleasant night just a bit too intense for me.
As we were virtually in Rome we took a little detour on our way back to see the Coliseum at night. But due to the rain, nobody wanted to get out and view it properly so we kept on driving.

Finally we made it back to the pool and back to my tent. I should also mention, I’m not longer situated on the roof of the restaurant but small now in the gazebo. The reason behind this move is that there is apparently a lot of bad weather ahead and so for my ease, I moved downstairs.

3 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Jill

    Well what a surprise to see 2 posts in 1 day but obviously you wanted to keep us informed. I thought you were going to say you had converted to Buddhism but I get the feeling that won’t be happening just yet ! It’s a shame you couldn’t have had a closer look at the Coliseum, the picture you posted looks lovely maybe you could go back some time and have a better look. I am glad you have moved your tent if there is bad weather on it’s way, although will you get a soggy bottom if you are on the grass ? 😞


  2. I felt it necessary to post this as soon as it happened so I didn’t forget anything!
    Unfortunately, they weren’t able to convert me to Buddhism. It’s a nice idea but the meditating everyday and the chanting is not for me.
    When I’ve finished at the pool I will spend a few days in Rome properly so I can see all the sights.
    No, the gazebo has a wooden floor so there’s no worries of soggy bottoms.


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