Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Let me just start this off with a little disclaimer. This week hasn’t been particularly interesting but I still felt the need to update so you all know what I’m up to.

So the weather hasn’t been the best of late and thus I had to find things to do inside so I didn’t get soaking wet.
The first thing I decided to do was to clean the kitchen. This needed doing to be fair as it hadn’t had a thorough clean in a long time. I cleared out fridges, tidied shelves up, and pulled tables out. I even climbed on top of the fridge, using a ladder no less, and got all the grime off the top of the walk in. Friday was remarkably the same but instead of the kitchen, I did the changing rooms and toilets. We haven’t had any customers in weeks but they still needed cleaning.

Sunday was a bit of a sombre affair. It’s always a bit sad when a volunteer leaves and usually we just had to get back to work but as we’re closed, there was no work to get back to. Instead, I downloaded a film and went up to the picnic area to watch it in peace. It was quite nice to have a couple of hours to myself and by the time I got back to the bar, it was almost dark!

To counteract the mood from Sunday, we realised we needed to be active again. As there had been, and forecasted to be, a lot of bad weather, we realised we needed a proper wood store so that our BBQ wood didn’t get wet. My host and I stuck two poles into the ground and placed a tin roof on the top of these posts with four screws supporting it; two at the back (in the wall), and two screws through the tin into the posts. We then constructed a couple of fences so it looked a bit tidier. It sounds a lot easier than it actually was.

If you remember, a while back, we went to look at an apparent ghost house, well my host ended up buying it and now wants to sell it. However, as it’s such a mess, it needed a proper clean up. So on Tuesday, we all went up to the ghost house to give it a proper clean up. I started by raking the front driveway and pulling up any clumps of weeds I could find and then disposed of loads of sodden wood. Spent a good couple of hours making making the front look presentable before I was called inside to help, SuperNick to the rescue. They needed me to clean the toilets and the upstairs so I did just that. I unblocked, and flushed out the toilets and swept up debris. By the time we’d finished this, it was about 4pm and we still hadn’t had lunch so we went to the nearby town of Rignano Flaminio and had some pizza and fried fish.

As stated at the beginning, this hasn’t been the most interesting of weeks but still, let’s see what the next week holds…

One thought on “Cleanin’ Out My Closet

  1. Jill

    Interesting or not it’s still good to know what you are up to, although you say it’s not very interesting I feel I have to disagree. It sounds to me as though you are still enjoying yourself and long may it continue Xx


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