Chop Suey

Mount Vesuvius last Sunday and Mount Soratte yesterday, this last week has mostly been spent up hills.

With only a couple of days left at the pool, I haven’t really being doing much of substance but instead I’ve been exploring the local areas.

Apart from general cleaning tasks, I’ve been keeping busy this week by cutting wood, lots of wood. I cut so much wood, we actually had to build another wood shed just to house all these logs. It was tremendous fun cutting the wood and while we collected it I got to ride around in the trailer of the tractor which was an absolute delight!

After all this wood cutting, we needed a bit of a break so three of us took a hike up Mount Soratte. This is the mountain that a lot of Sant’Oreste sits on and where the Bunker is hidden. We parked up where we normally park to go for our jog but took a different route this time. The first section was very tight and we had to wrangle with a few thorns but then we got onto a cement path. One guy strutted on ahead and the other strayed behind to look after the dog. It was a very good climb and there was a lot to see including quite a few shrines on the way. The oddest sight was actually a church very near the top and it looked as if it rarely gets used. When I finally reached the top, I was surprised to see that I was the only one there. Turns out the first guy had stopped at the church and the other guy had gone a completely different route. There was an old disused vantage point but nothing else at the top apart from the stunning views. I was able to see the local town of Sant’Oreste, the smaller centre of Nazzano and quite a few other housing areas.
The one in the photo is Sant’Oreste.

After a good few hours up there we made our way back down and headed back to the pool. Rounded off the day by cutting people’s hair.

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