My Dear Frodo

It’s difficult to say goodbye.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to people who you’ve lived, travelled, worked and partied with for the last 3 months. Ultimately, it has to be said and today I said goodbye to the pool and all its inhabitants.

Having re-read some of my previous blog posts, I stated I would only be here for a few weeks, oh how things change.

As with all leavers, it was a sombre affair as I said farewell to everyone but the night before was a good laugh, we invited as many people as possible and they gave me a proper send off.

Today I continued my adventure; I arrived in Rome and checked into my hostel.

Having showered and sorted out my stuff, I took a little stroll around my local area, just to ease myself back into civilisation again. It’s a tough adjustment going from being one of 6 people to just another number in a city of thousands. 

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