Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

It’s been 5 months since I was last in Germany, and after a 13 hour bus journey, I arrive back, in München.

As I was pretty early, I thought I’d wait on a bench for a bit until I could check in. The only problem with this was that I arrived 4 hours too early to check in and that’s too long to be spending sitting on a bench in the light rain. Instead I walked to my hostel and left my luggage there and went for a wander. Unfortunately, walking around was incredibly painful as I hadn’t taken my boots off in nearly 30 hours and had been walking for absolutely ages the previous day. I found a little place to grab a bite to eat and took the weight off my feet for a bit.

Once I’d sorted out my belly, I went back to the hostel and checked in properly and then had a nice little nap as the bus ride didn’t offer much in the way of rest.

After a shower, and sorting out my feet, I ended up speaking at great lengths with my roommate about the fall of the Berlin Wall and other crazy historical subjects (Bit too deep for a Saturday evening). Eventually, I headed down to the bar and used my hostel voucher for a free Helles beer. I then somehow got roped into a conversation with a local and he bought me an Alien Brain shot. He left promptly after that so no ulterior motives involved.

Later in the evening my roommate joined me at the bar and we discussed even more political subjects and then the brother of the shot guy came back as he needed a drink before going to the cinema. We shared a couple more Alien brain shots before he left. I called it a night shortly after that.

4 thoughts on “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

  1. Jill

    So what was the alien brain like then? 👽 do you know what is in it, cos maybe you may have to make them while you are on duty….??


    1. It’s main flavour was Bailey’s so it was pretty smooth but the texture of it was very peculiar, felt like swllowing a load of snot 😨


    1. It’s not, that’s in Prague, I’m just making my way there with stopovers on the way. I’m thinking Nuremberg is next then Prague on Thursday. It’s the highest rated on Hostelworld so should be good.


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