Tread Lightly

Munich is pretty small. If you only include the area within the city walls; Munich is quite small. Today I walked to areas out of the main centre.

My first goal was to get food supplies from the local supermarket, just enough to keep me going for the day, and then I set off to check out the Nymphenburg Palace; the Bavarian Royals holiday home. It took me about an hour to get there and was a pretty straightforward route. When I got near to the palace, it’s difficult not to spot it on the horizon. The main palace is about 6 or 7 storeys high with great buildings protruding from either side. The interior of the palace itself is only viewable by purchasing a ticket for the galleries but as the galleries themselves didn’t interest me, I just walked around the gardens instead. Wandering around the garden isn’t that riveting for a solo male. It’s more of a day out for families, or couples, or ideal for a jog around. The bright autumnal colours in the trees and on the ground did provide a beautiful backdrop though.

After about 2 hours walking round the gardens, I decided to go to my next destination; Olympia Stadion. This stadium, and park ground was the site of the 1972 Olympics. I didn’t stay here long as there isn’t much to see close up so I climbed to the top of Olympiaberg, a viewpoint from which most of the stadium can be seen, and then I left.

My third and final destination today was the Englischer Garten, a 1000 acre park that’s twice the size of Central Park in NYC. My main reason for going here was to see the waterfall; Surfer’s Wave.

Having walked almost 6km over 7 hours, I eventually headed back to the hostel to lay down.

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