Halloween is over. In the UK, the next big festivity is Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night, in the US, it’s Thanksgiving, and from the looks of things, in Germany, it’s Christmas.

So last night was my final night in Munich and I thought I’d have a quiet evening and an early night so I could pack up ready to move. Instead, I was roped into many a conversation in the bar and ended up going to bed a lot later than intended.

I woke up, senza hangover, and packed my bags ready to catch my bus to Nuremberg. I arrived into Nuremberg a couple of hours later and checked. After I got settled into my room and had some lunch/ dinner I went for a walk around the local vicinity.

From what I could see, there are an awful lot of Christmas decorations up and when I entered the market square, the aroma of baked goods just assaulted my senses. Continuing my stroll around the city, it quickly became apparent that this place is shrouded in history. From the city walls surrounding the place to the numerous churches for such a small town and, of course, the Imperial Castle that still stands solid.

Based on what I’d seen during the evening, I was able to decide my objectives for tomorrow and then wandered back to the hostel as the sun had set and everything quickly got dark.

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