Früling In Paris

Before I came to Nuremberg I was told of the many similarities to Hamburg which interested me as I really enjoyed my time there. However, since being in Nürnberg, it’s actually, quite obviously, a combination of Hamburg and Munich.

So I started my day by gathering supplies from the nearest supermarket and then set off. I first walked through the red light district as I was told this was the main similarity to Hamburg. In some ways I can see the connection but I don’t know if it’s usually so quiet, or if it’s just because it was 10am; but it was certainly more colourful and safer than Frankfurt’s adult area. Having walked through this section, I decided to see if I could walk along the bar walls.

I walked along the underside of the walls as people actually live within the walls themselves so it’s almost impossible to walk them (I was able to climb certain areas though). Instead I made my way to the Imperial Castle and Gardens. The Castle, and museum, was stocked with replicas and original armour and weapons used in the 12th to 19th centuries. Inside was also the living quarters and a two tiered chapel. The ticket also allowed access to the tower and to the well. The tower gave incredible views over the city and inside was a comparison of Nuremberg; pre-, and post- WWII with photos to see how they rebuilt the city following. The Well is almost 50m deep and provided the castle with clean fresh water. It was believed this was the first construction before before the castle itself.

My next goal was to explore some more of the city, get a view of the place in the daytime. I searched around the old city and then wandered towards the outer walls. My stroll eventually lead me to a park on the other side. I wandered though this for a bit until I found my way back to the centre once again.

As I walked through the centre, it became apparent that I’d left the old town when I came across such commercial shops as Lush and T-Mobile and ultimately I decided to head back to the hostel. This was a good decision as on my way back, it started to rain so I promptly made my way inside.

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