I really enjoyed my time in Nuremberg no matter how brief it was. Had to leave so quickly as I had a volunteer placement in Prague to get to.

I boarded my bus at 9am and arrived in Prague at about 1pm. My time on the bus was incredibly strange, I kept nodding off and having the oddest dreams but then find I’d only been asleep for a couple of minutes. I arrived in Prague and walked around the train station to my hostel, and recieved the most unusual greeting. I walk in to see two grown men play fighting in the kitchen.

Having being introduced to all the staff, of which there are countless, I was shown my bed and I got accustomed to my new living quarters.

I had a relaxing afternoon, was given dinner and then got into multiple conversations with multiple people; staff and customers alike. After dinner, the drinking games then started. As I had had a pretty heavy night previously, I stepped out of it but I’m working tomorrow night so will have a proper introduction to everything on Friday. 

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