We Want Fun

So I’ve been at the hostel for over a week now and it’s certainly an interesting time. (As it’s been a while since I updated, the following blog entry is more of a list of what I’ve been up to rather than a proper description)

So my first shift was during the evening and it involved doing the shopping, the cooking and then taking the guests out clubbing. Another worker and I had to get the products needed for breakfast and the items for the evening meal. We made a stir fry for dinner so got vegetables and noodles and soy sauce. Then came the drinking games and the clubs. This was the part I wasn’t too keen on as I’m not necessarily a club lover but as it was an 80’s/90’s night I had a terrific time.

Woke up on the Saturday with a mild hangover but nothing that hindered me in any way. My duty for that day was to take guests to the Strahov Monastery and Brewery but as nobody turned up, I had a day off instead. As I had time off, I went for a wander around the city just to get some idea of my surroundings. During the evening, we went to the sister hostel as they have a bar downstairs and played some drinking games but then I called it a night after that.

I thought it best to do a walking tour of Prague so I could inform guests of the city when I take them out. It was a very long tour that took in the Old Square, the New Town and the Jewish Quarter. It was pretty intense and the guide even injected her own political views which was unusual. The evening was spent cooking a bolognaise and them we headed to the local rock/metal bar. Now that was good fun. They let you climb the tables and so I used the place as my very own stage show.

Getting up on the Monday was difficult, I ached from the dancing, my throat hurt from singing and my head hurt from the drinking. My task for the day was to take guests to the zoo but as before, nobody turned up, so I went back to bed. This gave me time to recuperate before my next shift on the Tuesday. 

Tuesday was spent relaxing and then I cooked a ratatouille for dinner before we went out clubbing. In all honesty, If I haven’t been working, I’ve been relaxing in the hostel. Like I said, it’s been interesting. 

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