One of my goals on this tour was to see a decent metal band live. Tonight I completed this objective.

Skeletonwitch and Kvelertak.

Now I’ve had the chance to see bands before but they have either been too expensive or bands I wasn’t too interested in (Hatebreed, While She Sleeps and The Skull). This time was different though. This time everything matched.
For the equivalent of £9, I got to see Skeletonwitch and Kvelertak play at Lucerna.

Skeletonwitch welcomed everyone and the crowd took a little while to warm up but a couple of songs in, the pit opened and the place got sweaty. As usual, I jumped in headfirst and had a fantastic time. If I knew the songs, I would’ve appreciated it more but it was still a good band.

After a half hour break, where the stage realigned for Kvelertak, the owl faced vocalist walked on. They played songs I knew, songs I didn’t and even a song I didn’t realise was theirs! There was a lot of stage divers and a good many elbows thrown about. 

An hour and a half of moshing later, I came out of the pit broken and bruised. Truly the sign of a good night. 

3 thoughts on “Blodtørst

  1. Jill

    Well it sounds like you had a good night, you say you were broken and bruised?? I hope you didn’t break anything, did you mean battered and bruised? Xx


    1. Not literally broken but more mentally broken, battered and bruised also works but broken just sounds better. Yeah, had a brilliant night xx


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