The House of Gold & Bones

One of the main things that was recommended to me, before I came to Prague, was to czech out the Sedlec Ossuary. Today was my chance.

Through the hostel, we offer a range of different afternoon activities and day trips. We go to see such sights as; the John Lennon Wall, Strahov Monastery, and a day trip to Kutna Hora. I specifically requested that I take guests to Kutna Hora today. In the past, there have been a lot of guests signing up for this activity but not today, in fact, only one guest joined me but it was a nice day trip out.

We boarded the train to Kutna Hora around midday and arrived there at about 1pm. The first stop was the aforementioned Sedlec Ossuary, Bone Church to you and I. It’s name suggests its a church built from bone but this not the case, it’s a church where the interior has been decorated with bones. Actual human bones.

As you walk in to the building, there is a tremendous chandelier constructed from human remains and around the chapel is a load of other bodies piled up in formation including the family crest of a particular family (I forgot their name).

After leaving here, we caught the bus into the centre of town and went for a bite to eat. The restaurant was a traditional Czech menu and I finally got got the chance to try typical Bohemian dishes. I had the Svíčková na smetaně and it was fantastic, the whipped cream on top was a strange and unfamiliar taste but the meal as a whole still filled me up for the rest of the day.

After this, my one guest and I headed to St Barbara’s Cathedral. From the exterior, this reminded me of the La Sagrada Familia from Barcelona but this was actually completed. The interior wasn’t covered in bone on this one but stained glass windows and massive wall sized paintings.

Before I left the hostel in the morning, I was given a guide and told to stick to it but the guide was obviously written for large groups. The one guest and I did not constitute a large group so we didn’t stick to the schedule. As we did our own thing, we were actually an hour ahead of the guide so we even took a walk around Kutna Hora itself and got to see more sights.
On the train back, we encountered a problem with the rails so we’re delayed by almost an hour. Considering we were an hour ahead of schedule, it made no difference. Got back to the hostel and prepared myself for the evenings shenanigans.

5 thoughts on “The House of Gold & Bones

  1. Jill

    Czech you out with the geographical jokes haha. Wow the bone church was a little gory. The other cathedral one was pretty awesome I see what you mean about Barcelona it does have a look about it. The whipped cream desert doesn’t sound like you so am glad you enjoyed. Sounds like you have a busy night ahead with your shenanigans hope you have a great time 😎


    1. It wasn’t a dessert, it was a main. That’s why the whipped cream felt so out of place. It’s beef with dumplings and gravy. And whipped cream.
      My shenanigans have turned into a much needed early night.


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