I think I’ve done more sightseeing and touristy things in the last week than all previous weeks put together. Therefore, this next post will be split into two different updates for ease of reading, and writing of course.

It all started a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… by a long time ago I mean last Tuesday and a galaxy far far away means Kutna Hora. Well, I’ve been to Kutna Hora before, it’s the town with the Bone Church but this time I was in charge of a few more guests. As before we all made our way on the train to Kutna Hora and walked to the Sedlec Ossuary. I didn’t go in this time as I’ve already been in and wanted to use this time to fully explore the graveyard. I took a wander and had a closer look at the ongoing construction. It was rather morbid to see them in the process of digging up bones but interesting to see the labels everywhere detailing their work. We all then made our way to the restaurant and then St Barbara’s Cathedral. Once again I stood outside while they explored the interior. I used this opportunity to explore the gardens of the Jesuit College and shortly after this we all headed back to the capital city.

Normally on Thursdays our schedule is to go bowling but I really didn’t want to do this and instead arranged a trip with our sister hostel to visit a unique art gallery. We walked up Petrin Hill to the Magical Cavern  This is a very interesting and unique building. The artist’s studio is on the top floor and the gallery is downstairs. All the work is very dark, fantasy style with a lot of demons and woodland critters littered about the displays so it makes complete sense that the artist had contact with Lead Zeppelin. Overall it felt like the painter/sculptor was still suffering the effects of an acid trip taken in the 70’s! After this, a few of the group and I went up Petrin Observation Tower and got spectacular views of Prague. It was pretty difficult to climb the 229 steps up to the top and even harder to climb back down again. Eventually we headed back into the centre but not before we stopped at the Christmas Market. It was here where I had my first taste of a Trdelnik, a typical Czech sweet. It’s rather similar to a doughnut but thinner and longer and can be served with ice cream. It was a bit too sweet for my liking, felt like I’d simply eaten a sugar cube. 

The national sport of the Czech Republic is Ice Hockey and so from a young age children are taught to ice skate. Therefore, come winter there are a good amount of ice rinks set up from general use. I took a couple of guests to one particular rink not that far from the hostel, just underneath the TV Tower, and we had a fantastic time. A couple of my group hadn’t skated in a long time so it took a while to become accustomed to the slippery surface once again. I was stable but quite unsure of my ability so became quite stiff though out my time, I didn’t loosen up as I progressed though. I could’ve sworn that one guy in my group was born on the ice as he was graceful and casual in his blades. Overall we spent about an hour on the ice before the zamboni was sent out to clear the ice for later. We headed back to the hostel to rest out weary feet.

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