My Last Serenade

Contrary to the title, this isn’t my last post but in fact the first of many more to come. I originally thought I’d be in Prague for just a month but it turned out to be 3 instead, and after many tough personal decisions, I decided to venture on again.

As with my last volunteer placement it was an emotional farewell and I headed off to Praha Florenc Bus Station. It was an odd feeling getting back onto a bus considering the last time I was on one was about 12 weeks ago. At least this journey was only a couple of hours so not too exhausting. Handing over my luggage, I found a seat and settled in for my ride.

Two hours on the bus, a rather uneventful journey really, and I arrived in Dresden. As soon as I stepped off the bus I had to find my hostel. This meant getting a train from the central station to another station. Luckily the bus dropped me off at the main station so I just had to find a train to take me. I got a ticket from the machine and found a train heading my way. I asked the driver and he confirmed it was the right one so I boarded. As soon as I had sat down, the conductor clocked me and came to check my ticket. The only problem being that I hadn’t stamped it. I was unaware that it even had to be stamped! Stupid system. Nevertheless, he let me off and I fled at my station. At least I know for next time.

My next challenge was to find my hostel. I walked around the station and got some cash out to pay for my stay and then wandered in the general direction of the building. It took about 20 minutes to find due to terrible signposting and awkward side streets but ultimately I found my hostel and checked in. It was a familiar feeling being a guest again but certainly a different experience from being staff.

I got to my assigned bed and relaxed for a bit.

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