Keep It On Ice

Minutes after settling into my new abode I drifted off to sleep. Such a deep sleep that I didn’t awake until 11 am. As soon as I realised the extent of my laziness I sprinted into action to explore the city of Dresden.

Coming to Dresden I knew very little about the place. The most I knew was that the Dresden Dolls named themselves after here. At that was it. I used my time here to open my mind and discover more about this place.

As with most cities, the heart of Dresden is split into two sectors; the old town (Altstadt) and the new town (Neustadt). The surprising thing here though is that due to the numerous bombs throughout WWII, most of the buildings in the new town are actually older than their counterparts on the other side of the river.

The Zwinger was the first place I ventured, it’s an 18th century compound housing classical sculptures, Chinese Porcelain, and there’s even a Mathematics and Physics gallery hidden with the walls. Due to the incredibly thick layer of snow, the gardens probably don’t show their full potential but I preferred it this way.

From the roof of the Zwinger, you can gain access to the Nymphenbad, the baroque water garden that’s decorated with dozens of sculptures of cherubs and nudes. Once again, this didn’t out on the display due to the weather. I’m assuming the pipes had to be turned off or they would’ve frozen over.

Heading east, I stumbled across the Fürstenzug which is apparently the largest mosaic wall piece in the world. It is built from 22,000 porcelain tiles and displays kings, lords and other important figures from the 12th century until 1904.

As it was bitterly cold, even for me, I found myself in the Altmarkt, the 3 storey shopping centre, just to warm myself through. It was here that I realised my hunger, having not eaten since Prague. I decided to try to find some typical German cuisine. I have to confess I failed in this endeavour as I could only seem seem to find burgers, sushi and kebabs. In the end I resorted to buying supplies at a supermarket and heading back to the hostel.

After thawing my feet, I decided not to leave to the hostel again but to have a night in, and relax before Berlin.

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