Urban Surfer 125

In my previous post, I wrote about the Old Town of Dresden and today I got a glimpse into life on the other side. Today I went to discover the hidden treasures of Neustadt, the new town.

From a distance it doesn’t look like much happens here, seems to be housing and slightly run down. But if you keep walking down Alaunstrasse, it opens it self up to you. The hipster side of town has loads of music stores, alternative scenes, and hundreds of bars and clubs.

To combat the gentrification of the area, a lot of artists live and work here so the walls are all virtually covered in graffiti. This can range from the large scale surrealist artworks to simple stencil pieces. It felt really homely and reminded me a lot of the Camden Town vibe, but that’s just me. One thing that really interested me was the delights of the Kunsthofpasssage. A largish snicket that contains dance studios, art galleries and peculiar modern art structures including a novel drainpipe.

As I made my way back to the hostel, I made sure I conquered as much of the area as possible and witnessed all the vivid art decorations.

At about 2pm I boarded my bus north to the German capital; Berlin.

One thought on “Urban Surfer 125

  1. Jill

    It’s good to see you posting your experiences again, you haven’t lost your touch. It all sounds very interesting, the photos look good. I particularly like the drain pipes 😎


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