Running Free

With my time in Berlin at an end I had to leave and catch my next bus. I got all my stuff packed up, had breakfast and left to board. The journey from the bus station to the hostel took about an hour and a half so I made sure to leave early enough in case this was the same on the way back.

It wasn’t. It only took me 45 minutes to get from the hostel to the station so I had to stand around for about an hour. But it gave me chance to work out what was going on. I made my booking, as I have done for the last few trips, through FlixBus, but the information board stated that the journey was run by PolskiBus. Turns out they’re working together so it was he same bus anyway.

Having got on the bus I settled into my seat for a nice 4 hour journey.

The trip to the German border was pretty uneventful but at the crossing it was rather unusual. There was a couple in front of me and another couple further down the bus that were in celebration of making it over the border without any passport checks. Makes me wonder why they were celebrating.

The change onto Polish roads was noticeable almost immediately. We went from smooth, even tarmac to potholes the size of my head. It felt like experiencing turbulence but just a lot lower. Glancing through the bus, it looked more like a metal gig as everyone’s heads kept swaying forward.

An hour or so after crossing the border the road started to get better, and my view improved too. I saw about five wild deer all huddling together in a field. I’m guessing they were wild because even though there was a fence, it was missing large portions so any animal can get in/out.

After some minor troubles with the bus, we arrived in Wrocław, albeit about an hour late. I found my hostel and checked in. The really pleasant receptionist showed me to my room which as it turns out was actually the wrong room, I had been upgraded!

After a spot of dinner and a catch up with friends, I settled down for the night. 

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