Cold Gin

Upon check in I was told about the free hostel breakfast between 8am and 10am so of course I woke up in time to take advantage of that, and then I left to explore the city of Wrocław.

It’s a cold city. It’s a small city too. It’s a small, cold city with a ton of churches. I’ve walked past so many that I actually lost count.

Thanks to a recommendation from an old colleague, I first went to see the Panorama of the Racławicka Battle. It’s a 360° painting of the fight between Russian troops and Polish peasants and it’s really quite immersion as the foreground setup blends into the painting itself. It’s only viewable by guided tour so I took this tour and shortly after entering did a woman ask of I wanted a headset as the tour was actually all in Polish. This was a nice touch that made me feel welcomed.

Just over the bridge from the Panorama is Cathedral Island. On here is the primary cathedral of Wrocław and a few other necessary buildings such as the Bishop’s Palace, Nunnery and Monastery. I didn’t spend too long here as things aren’t generally open to the public but do have small plaques explaining what they were.

From the island, I followed the tourist board map down to the Old Town Square. Now a lot of the old town was pretty empty due to it being a Wednesday afternoon and about -5° so I plodded around here before going towards the south side of the city.

One thing to note about the Old Town Sq. though is the addition of Dwarves. All over the quarter, in some peculiar places are small statuettes of Dwarven creatures. They’re usually in positions relating to the closest building, ie. a professor outside the university or a construction worker near the newly built promenade. It’s a nice little touch that adds an extra spice to the city.

Over the bridge is the New town district which wasn’t that interesting as it’s mostly the same shops found everywhere else but the Opera house and the Theatre are both on this side. Plus a small stretch of public gardens too. The garden consists of a moat which at the time of wring this, was completely frozen over. Looked so serene. The only downside to the frozen lake was that I then realised just how cold the place was and I had to head inside to warm up! Luckily my hostel was just round the corner.

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