Our Ethos: A Legacy To Pass On

After waking up late on the Friday morning, I ended up missing the walking tours I wanted to participate. Instead, I made my own. Marking the places I wanted to visit I set out to explore the capital city of Poland.

The Palace of Culture and Science was my first objective of the weekend. It’s a tower built in 1955 originally known as the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science but eventually Stalin’s name was dropped. It is 237 metres (778ft)tall and from 30 floors up you can see a 360° view of Warsaw. I took the elevator up as there’s no other option and could see quite a distance.

After this I took a walk around the local area and then headed back to the hostel to find out my next move.My next move was to check the sights of the Old Town.

Due to the effects of both the second World War and the Warsaw Uprising (when Polish Jews took back their city from the Nazi Powers) there isn’t that much left standing that isn’t a reconstruction. It’s nice that they did reconstruct the city but it doesn’t provide the true atmosphere of the original city. I strolled around the district for a couple of hours before heading back to the hostel.

The Copernicus Science Centre is a fantastic venue that houses thousands of different interactive experiments. There was sections on the human biology, light, geology, the oceans, and loads more! I joined a group of people from the hostel and the seven of us spent nearly 4 hours playing with everything and we only left due to our collective hunger. The most interesting exhibits for me were those that focused on the effects of light. There was a guitar strung up with a barrel instead of a neck, and when the barrel is spun and the strings are plucked, the oscillation of the strings can be seen. Another display was a string that was rotating and when a strobe light was shone on it, the singular string could turn into a vision of two, three and even four strings!

After all this excitement, we headed back to the hostel so I could look up my next destination. The obvious next choice was to head to Krakow but when I searched for this online I could only get a bus at 6am, 8am or 11pm. None of which were particularly suitable. Instead, I ended up extending my booking in Warsaw and sorted out a bus for the Monday.

2 thoughts on “Our Ethos: A Legacy To Pass On

  1. Jill

    The pictures you posted were quite surprising, not what I would have expected to see! Hope you can see a bit more of city now you are having your unexpected extended stay? Have fun Xx


    1. Yeah I ended up going to the Uprising Museum which was a massive gallery dedicated to the efforts of the Polish taking back control of Warsaw. Leaving today though and going to Krakow.


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