Who They Are

After my visit to Auschwitz, I decided I needed something a little lighter. I decided to make my own way around the old town town before heading to a tour of the old Jewish Quarter.

I started by checking out the original old town, the site of the first market square. It was here that the first trader started selling their wares and then during the war, the place was renamed to honour the current person of power; Adolf Hitler. After the second World War, the square was renamed again.

My next destination, after the old town square, was the site of the old bar walls. This runs around the old town in a similar vein to both York City and Nuremberg. I followed this around until I got to the Jewish district. It was here that I took at tour of the Jewish sector.

The tour started at the most famous synagogue in Krakow and then moved onto various other synagogues throughout the city. Each had its own personality; be it free entry or entrance to the general public. But overall they provided the same service; to help, teach and serve the Jews of Krakow. Our guide then gave us a few minutes off and grab a bite to eat. I got a Zapiekanka which is basically a pizza on a baguette.

Shortly after visiting the old Jewish vicinity, we headed towards the site of the old Jewish Ghetto. It was here we learnt about the persecution of the Hebrews during the second World War and the punishment they endured for their faith. There is still a section of the Ghetto wall still standing and it didn’t look to intimidating but in actual fact, the wall looked similar to Jewish tombstones which would have been imposing during it’s reign.

We walked past monuments designed to honour the dead and finally ended at the original site of Oskar Schindler’s factory.
Our guide them went into a rant about how we need to learn from our mistakes (ie. The Holocaust) before we end out repeating them again. Quite a sombre end to an overall entertaining tour.

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