Since U Been Gone

I know it’s been a few days since I last made an entry in here so prepare for a brief run down of 5 days.

The last time I wrote was from Zakopane, well during my next couple of days there I didn’t do much. I wandered around the town for a bit, tried to go skiing (it was the school holidays so everywhere was full) and took a little hike through a field. Nothing substantial.

I then had to take a bus back from Zakopane to Krakow, wait for 4 hours, and then board my next bus to Krakow. The only peculiar thing there was that I caught up with a friend I met in Spain, in June, at the coach station.

I arrived in to Budapest at 6 am and as check in wasn’t until 3pm, and I’m cheap, I decided to walk for an hour in order to kill a little bit of time. I arrived at my hostel and relaxed for a bit before checking out the local area and taking a walking tour.

The tour itself covered the history of Hungary from its origins as tribes, all the way through constant invasions up to the present day. We got to see such sights as St. Stephens Basilica, the Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest together, the Royal Palace, the White House and finally the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was here, at the Bastion, there the tour ended and I continued sightseeing. I wandered around the fortress, which was never actually used as defence, and got some incredible views of the city. Turns out a certain Mr. Walt Disney really liked the Fisherman’s Bastion, so much so, he used it for this logo at the start of his movies:

I then walked along the bank of the Danube river and just by Parliament is a memorial to the Hungarian Jews killed by the Arrow Cross during WWII. They were told to remove their shoes and then they were shot in the head and pushed into the river.

I then decided to head back to the hostel as I was starting to lag and needed some rest. I checked in properly and then almost immediately fell asleep on my bed. Woke up just in time for the free dinner though so that’s a plus!

2 thoughts on “Since U Been Gone

  1. Jill

    Did you sus out Walt Disney or did you read it somewhere? Haha I am pleased to hear you got the free meal ‘cos you usually miss it as you are asleep hehe Xx


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