When Two Are One

For a city that most people dismiss, Bratislava has provided me with more than I could imagine.

After a 3 hour journey from Budapest, I arrived in the capital of Slovakia and upon entering my hostel, I was greeted by an onslaught by nerf guns. In my eyes, the best way to be greeted. Having got myself settled, I took a little walk around the old town square just to see a little of the city.

The next day I took a walking tour, as I usually do when I get to a city. The guide took the group around the town, showed us the statues of Bratislava and the meaning behind them, then he took us up past the old city walls to the Castle.

The castle itself wasn’t so impressive as it was mainly just a large white building that now houses government. Looking out from the castle was the impressive bit. We could actually see over the Austrian border. There were some large windmills that marked the other side and when I squinted, it was actually possible to see the start of the Alps.

I left the tour at the end and had a little nap before the evenings activities began. It was Borovička night! This is a typical Slovakian spirit, made from the juniper berry, the same as Gin but it tasted more like the nightmares of gin. I ended up having 6 or 7 shots and heading to bed. Didn’t spend any money on the pub crawl so that’s an upside.
Waking up at 8am I felt unusually alright considering the previous night, turns out I was still drunk. I went back to bed and at about 3pm I got up feeling better and sent out in search of food. In all fairness, a reset day was well overdue.

4 thoughts on “When Two Are One

  1. Jill

    Your pictures are lovely, I particularly like the one with the man climbing out of the drain is there a story behind it ?
    Following your blog there are two adverts are you being paid for the advertising space? I hope so that would be good!!


    1. The man has a few stories behind it; art piece, ode to a Jewish protector and one says he’s a guy who likes to look up skirts. Not sure which is true.
      Unfortunately the adverts are nothing to do with me. If I pay for the site, the adverts disappear but I’m not willing to do so just yet.


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