Any Given Sunday

It’s been over 4 months since I was in Italy but arriving in Zadar, it feels somewhat familiar. Based on a recommendation from people in my hostel, I decided to head West. I went to Zadar.

Zadar is the capital of the Dalmatian coast, and was primarily built by Venetians, which is why it feels so recognisable. The old town itself, the Roman Forum, was founded back in the 3rd Century and this was my first port of call after I’d checked in. It may have been after 8pm but I really wanted to get the most out of the city.

I meandered round the old town for a good few hours, trying to get my bearings together, and also searching for food. Having strolled around the place, getting myself lost a few times, I then headed back at about 10pm to find myself in the unusual position of having the whole hostel to myself. Literally.

I called it a night around 12ish and set off pretty early the next day to explore of the peninsula in more depth.

My first objective, and probably the only reason tourists come to Zadar, was to see the Sea Organ. Built in 2005, 35 pipes were installed underneath the quayside and as the tide rolls, air is pushed into these pipes and pushed out through whistles at the end creating the first pipe organ to be played by the sea.

[Check the Bakerandabackpack Instagram for a video of the Sea Organ]

Just next to the Sea Organ is an art project of solar panels and then 8 smaller discs running off the side. It’s the Solar system. The Solar panels represent the sun and the discs surrounding it are the planets. At night the solar panels come to life and the energy stored there powers small lights underneath. It’s a rather pleasant way to end a day.
Before I returned to the Sun Salutation at night, I walked around the city checking out all the place has to offer, and frankly, it’s not that much. There’s some interesting Roman ruins; the Pillar of Shame is one of my favourites, a few statues and a lot of parks. I generally spent my day in these parks. The Croatian way of life is to sit and just watch the world go by, so I did exactly that.

At around 6pm, I headed back to the quayside to catch the sunset, Alfred Hitchcock actually called it the most beautiful in the world, and I can certainly see why. The harbour was pretty packed at the time but I was still able to embrace to end of the day.

I then headed back to my hostel, unfortunately there were other people there this time, but we got along and chatted into the night.

5 thoughts on “Any Given Sunday

  1. Jill

    Some good pics the castle looks very formidable or is it just the angle you took it from? The sunset is very soothing!! Xx


    1. It’s not a castle, it’s just the city walls; they were pretty formidable though.
      The sunset was really soothing, really worth the wait. Xx


  2. Jill

    In your blog there is a pic that just says loading on my phone, it is in the text about the sea organ. Should there be a picture of the sea organ there?


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