Clear The Coast

Just down the coast from Zadar is a city called Split, that’s known for having the world’s most complete remains of a Roman palace.

Diocletian Palace is the name of said palace and the size of it is something to behold; it measures 160 by 190 metres. In the past, it was a housing for Diocletian himself and the rest was used as military barracks; today the whole compound is used as a shopping arcade and there is some reserved areas for preservation and religious reasons. Outside the palace, Split does not really contain anything unusual. There’s a new shopping mall, some beaches and open air grocery markets.

I booked three nights in my hostel as I felt that would be enough time to explore the city, ultimately, I could’ve done it within a few hours. I took a walk around the palace when I arrived, and again in the morning, and I was satisfied. I ended up spending the rest of my first day just relaxing in the hostel, chilling out. I did take a stroll on the beaches but these didn’t really interest me much as it was gravel beaches. They were pretty dirty too.

On my second day, I knew I needed to do something substantial, something that would keep me occupied for a few hours, so I went on a hike. In the northern part of the city there is a wooded, forest area so I hiked up there. From the top of the hill, I had views of the city, views of the sea and views of the forest. It was really peaceful up there a way from the hustle and bustle of the town. Eventually I made my way all the way to the very northern part of the peninsula so I turned back and walked back to the city.

Overall, it was a very peaceful time in Split but I don’t feel the need to go back.

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