War Zone

So apparently this beautiful, innocent face looks like a drugs smuggler .

I boarded a bus from Split to Mostar and thought that I’d have a relatively easy journey. I understand that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not within the EU but I’ve never really had much trouble with Switzerland and Norway before so I thought I’d be okay, turns out not so.

The bus arrived at the border crossing and the bus driver took our passports off us to present to the guards, a couple of minutes later they boarded, and handed back passports. As soon as they got to me, they asked me to exit the bus and bring all my belongings.

I was ushered into a little room and the two officers kept asking if I had any drugs on me, or any weapons. They gave me the chance to declare anything and then started rifling through my bags. They questioned me about my travels, the contents of my bags and poked around in every crevice. Of course, they found nothing and sent me on my way. Didn’t give me the best first impression of Bosnia though.

Finally, I arrived in Mostar, an hour late though and checked into my hostel. The receptionist was so pleasant and even took the (only other) guest and I out for dinner and cake. Nice way to end a torturous day.

The owner of the hostel actually had his own tour of Mostar and the surrounding areas so of course I signed up and participated. The tour lasted all day and he took us around the city of Mostar itself; pointing out where the fighting happened between Bosnian nationals and the Croatian army, to the hill where they pushed back the Serbian forces and even to an old airplane bunker. He was actually in the Bosnian military so all his stories were full of personal tales which really capturing. Apart from the centre of Mostar, he also took us to Herzegovina to see a village that had a castle on the top, built before the Ottoman Empire ruled the country and also to a waterfall in a national park.

Overall, I had a fantastic time in Mostar before I headed to the Capital city of Sarajevo.

One thought on “War Zone

  1. Jill

    Your pictures are lovely the views are fantastic. Having put your drug smuggling down in words do you feel vindicated now? Haha 😆


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