Ghosts Pt II (The Seraph Garden)

If you read my last post, you’ll know I met up with a friend in Sarajevo, well he was going to Belgrade so I decided to follow him.

I arrived into the capital of Serbia after about 6 hours on a shuttle bus and checked into my hostel. One of the first things I did was to meet up with my friend, he was staying at a different hostel, and I ended up spending most of the evening at his. I called it a night around 10ish.

The next day I woke up with tremendous stomach pain and decided to not do anything too strenuous that day. Basically, I just sat in the garden and relaxed with hostelmates.

The next day I set off with high intentions of doing a walking tour but sadly I got distracted (read; lost) and missed the walking tour. Instead I decided to walk myself around the fortress. It was a really nice day so I spent most of my time strolling around the castle and gardens taking in the atmosphere. At one point I actually passed an archery set up so had a quick go at that, safe to say, I’m not the best archer (unfortunately no photos of me actually using as the bow as I was on my own). I then passed the military museum, housed within the fortress, and saw a live speech from the forces general, I didn’t understand anything though. A few hours later I headed back to to the hostel and ended up extending my stay for another two nights.

The next day, after chilling the previous evening, I took part in the walking tour direct from the hostel. This way I wouldn’t get lost. Turns out this tour was even better than any others I’ve ever done! We started with the history of the city and then had some traditional Serbian food. Burek, it’s exactly the same in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia, but this was free so ultimately the best. (Read more about Burek in my Top 10 Foods review) The tour lead us through the city gardens, up up to the fortress where we tried some rakija (Yugoslavian spirit) and danced to traditional music. In the fortress we were even treated to some satirical jokes about the Serbian neighbours and then walked down the main streets of the city. The main street is basically just another high street but it ends at Republic Square so we got the history of there and then we finished the tour in the Bohemian centre which is filled with restaurants.

Speaking to Serbian nationals at the hostel they told me the best part of Belgrade is the culture; and drinking is their culture. After hearing this I realised I needed to partake in the pub crawl that night. It was really good fun and I really embraced the music, luckily, out of the six bars we went to, three had live music. Two of them were rock bands playing covers and one was a typical Serbian band consisting of guitars and an accordion. We finished the night at around 3 am and headed back.
Over the course of the next two days I didn’t really do anything, I found more pleasure in sitting in the garden and talking to friends. (Read more about this hostel in my Top 5 Hostels review) Eventually though, I had to leave. I caught an overnight bus to Kotor in Montenegro.

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