Ghosts Pt III (The Messenger)

It took just under 12 hours to reach Kotor from Belgrade and this includes a couple of police stops; only border checks though, I didn’t have to go through all my bags again!

I arrived in the city at about half past 6 in the morning and decided to slowly wander to my hostel. I got there to find they didn’t actually open until 8am so I had to sit around outside for a few hours.

Once I’d finally checked in I decided to check out the city. When I first arrived I had had seen some of the old town but I was pretty hesitant about small alleyways due to my backpack but now I was free of that burden. I did get lost a few times but that was the objective, it’s the best way to explore the streets that have been standing here since the 12th Century. After a good couple of hours walking I headed back to my hostel for a little nap.

That evening I’d signed up for the dinner so I joined everyone else and ate some food before we played drinking games and headed to a bar. Around 11, the police came and called curfew so we came back to the hostel and continued the night.

I got up around 10ish the next morning so I could have my complimentary breakfast and then I went on a little hike. On the east side of the city is a large hill with an old fortress and ruins at the top. I started my climb at around midday and hiked up about 1350 steps to reach the top. There is a path that goes directly to the top but I kept getting distracted and so I must’ve walked a lot further. There was even one area with a windows I could climb out of and down into the valley behind the fortress. In the valley there was obviously a small village before but it’s now just ruins; the only thing left standing is a church that is unmaintained and in a clear state of disrepair.

After climbing to the church and back, I continued up the mountain to a peak of 1200m and took in the view. The fortress itself is almost in ruins but there is a preservation project ongoing as the ruins are now under the UNESCO banner.

About four hours after I started, I got back into the old town and headed back to my hostel. Once again, I participated in the evening meal and the subsequent drinking game. I didn’t go out this time in a mild effort to save money.
The next day I sat around the hostel for a few hours before I had to catch my flight. Loaded my stuff into a taxi and journeyed to the airport…

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