I’ll Begin Again

Having had a few days back home, it was essential I continued my trip. After looking around the Internet I found the best flight was actually straight back to Kotor. I boarded this flight…

As I was previously in this city I had already seen some of the major points; Old Town, St John’s Fortress etc. So this time I set my heart on hiking up the other mountain, Vrmac Hill. It’s the mountain that splits the bay into 4 with Kotor on one side and Tivat on the other.

I started my hike around 11am and walked the bay of Kotor until I came across a path that headed up. The start of the path was mainly gravel and was pretty easy to work out where to go. The problem was when the path narrowed and just became a goat trail. Still I persevered.

Reaching the top I went to my left and through an abandoned village. At the end of the small street was an old Austro-Hungarian fort. There were ways into the building but nothing that seemed particularly safe; it was too dark to climb through. Instead, I sat at the back of the building and had my lunch (does a bottle of water and Mars bar count as lunch?).

As I wandered back to the village I saw a massive pit that absolutely stank. Looking into the pit I saw the rotting remains of a very large animal; could’ve been a bull or an ox or something. Obviously the beast had fallen into the put and was unable to get out again. Due to the vile smell I quickly vacated the area and kept walking. On my map, there was a section that stated in could get a 360° view of the whole bay so I set my sights on there.

Wandering along the path, it said I only had to walk 20 minutes up to the viewpoint but as I walked, there was something that stopped me. In my path was a large animal; a bovine bull, a male cow. We both stopped and locked eyes, both in a stubborn state. After about 30 seconds of continuous eye contact, I decided I didn’t want to risk injury to myself and backed away slowly. I then promptly hiked back down the hill, back to civilisation.

With another day in Kotor I decided I’d have to explore more of Montenegro, I booked myself in to take part in the Great Montenegro Tour. This tour covered most of the country’s rich history and took us all around the main cities. Not something I could’ve done in a bigger country.
The tour started at 8.30am and took us up to the top of the mountain behind us, we travelled on some really narrow single track roads, originally built during the Austro-Hungarian reign and now they’re UNESCO listed so they can’t be changed in anyway. The view from the mountain was incredible, it incorporated both of my hikes in that I got views of the Tivat side and the bay of Kotor. We then drove onto the mountain and through Cetinje which was the home of Royalty for 3 generations. We had a bit of breakfast here before heading into the Lovćen National Park. At the top of the mountain, in the park, is a large Mausoleum that houses the tomb of Peter II Petrović Njegoš.

We then headed back through the park to Cetinje where we had a walking tour through the town and concluded at the Monastery. Our next stop was at the top of the Crnojević River. We then had lunch by the river before taking a boat ride on the river itself.

Our final stop was the little bayside town of Budva. In most ways it’s really similar to Kotor but there’s a lot more beaches here and a lot more vibrant nightlife, or so I’ve heard. After nearly 12 hours we got back to our hostel in which I promptly collapsed.

One thought on “I’ll Begin Again

  1. Jill

    Sounds like you are really back into it. I didn’t like the look of that bull either good call turning round I would say hehe. I am glad you are safe! Some lovely pictures keep them coming 😤


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