Let It Pour

After an exhausting time in the capital of Albania, I decided I needed to get out the main city for a while, even just a night would do, so I headed south to Berat.

As I was only going to Berat for the night, I left the majority of my belongings at my hostel in Tirana and just took enough with me. I rode the bus for a couple of hours and got off in Berat. The station is actually situated 4km out of the main centre so I walked in as it was a really nice day. On my way in, I decided to detour as I didn’t have a lot of luggage and so on headed up the the Berat Castle.

Unlike many other castles, this feels more like a reinforced settlement as there are a lot of houses within the walls and about five religious buildings. I walked around here for about 2 to 3 hours and even followed a tour group at one point to steal information. It’s an amazing fortress, and really good fun to explore, and obvious to see why it’s an UNESCO listed compound.

Coming down the other side of the fort, I ended up in the Old Town so I took a little stroll through the tiny streets before heading to my hostel. As soon as I’d checked in, I left to go explore the new side of town and even picked up some food on my travels. At around 8pm the sun had set and it was rather quite dark so I headed back to my hostel and relaxed. I wasn’t really in the socialising mood so I just decided to go to bed instead. Quite nice actually.

I woke up the next day and had a breakfast consisting of orange, strawberries and burek (was really good to have fruit for the first time in forever). I would’ve spent more time in this city and done a hike but it was absolutely chucking it down. As much as I like the rain, I’m not keen on being drenched so I just waded through to the bus station and caught the next bus back to Tirana. The journey was really easy just incredibly uncomfortable due to my dripping attire.
Ultimately, I disembarked in Tirana and headed back to get my belongings. A shower and a change of clothes were all I needed in order to pacify myself.

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