Sibiu, the 2007 European Capital of Culture and birthplace of current Romanian President. This was where my posse and I arrived…

We got into the city around 9pm, checked in, and after a quick break, we headed out to a local bar. It was here that I ended up chatting with a local DJ and he informed us of a party on the Friday night so of course we were all interested. But we had the whole day ahead of us first so we explored the centre and climbed up to the top of the Lutheran Cathedral and got some spectacular views. The Bridge of Lies was our next stop, the tale states that if you tell false fact on the bridge, the giant will awaken. I tried it but I think thats a lie in itself. Around 10pm my clique, now accompanied by a Taiwanese traveller, headed out to Faust Bar und Disko where we partied the night away to 80’s, 90’s and modern tracks. It was good to chat with the DJ plus the locals were immensely friendly too, encouraging, and inviting.

On the Saturday, we ventured out to discover the Sibiu Orthodox Cathedral, an extravagent and revered building. From here the group split up, each of us taking our own path to discover the delights of Sibiu. I headed towards the old 16th Century fortifications and Thalia Hall; home to the State Philharmonic of Sibiu. I probed into a little more of the centre before heading back to the hostel to cook our dinner. The Saturday night was the night I had been waiting for. While in Cluj, I was informed of a Romanian Folk Metal Band; Dirty Shirt, would be playing at a bar and after listening to them, I decided I needed to see them. The Portugese lad and I, both interested in the band headed out to see them. The band started to play around 9pm and the crowd started to fill the venue, unfortunately the layout of the bar was insuffiecent to properly party but I was still able to bust a move. I really enjoyed watching them, even though I barely understood a word. After this, my company and I went back to the hostel, picked up more of the herd, now including a Columbian chap, and headed back to Faust for a night of reggae revelry.




As the Sunday rolled around, I extended my stay whereas the rest of the group went onto the nearby city of Brasov, (don’t worry I rejoin them the next day) and I used this day to relax and check out a few more sights of Sibiu. I read up on the city and found out there was a Walk of Fame for the residents but I was unable to find it. I did however find the Journeyperson’s house. This is a famed building where young craftsmen would start their trade before heading off for 3 years and 1 day to hone their craft. The rest of the day was spent wandering around the city before I came back to write these latest blog entries.

I packed my bag, got an early night and then continued my travels onto Brasov the following day. The ride was pretty simple, cost me about £4, but as it rode the slow rails, it stopped off at every little station on the way, nice views but ultimately tedious.

I disembarked in Brasov and made my way to meet up with my band of great unwashed.

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