How To Get The Most Out Of EUROwn Money

One of my biggest fears before I set off into the great unknown was that of money, how was I going to cope without a stable income and constantly spending money on accommodation, travel and food. Well I hope this can provide some answers…

Like the previous article, this is only a brief overview of my financial advice and if you want to know more, please do visit my YouTube Channel and watch the video How To Get The Most Out Of EUROwn Moneyor check it out below.

One of the biggest prompts people give themselves is to set a daily budget. Having a regimented daily budget can have positive and negative effects.  I personally, I rarely made a budget; I found it was easier to try to spend a minimal amount each day, unless there was something specific I really wanted to experience. Giving yourself a limited amount to spend each day can be quite a downfall in some situations mainly in places like Norway and Sweden where it is usually more expensive, and can affect your social life if people you’ve met want to go out for dinner. While away, I’ve met people who actively budget themselves, and from my experience, this can be quite repressive as you don’t get experience everything to the fullest. This is advice from a long term perspective, but those who are looking into short term travel, it can be good to have a budget but do make sure that you can accommodate unknown expenses and for the things that you’d most like to visit or experience.

One of the biggest expenses, apart from accommodation and the transport, is food. I’d rarely eat in restaurants, preferring to usually buy basic supplies from the supermarket. A good piece of advice I can give though, is to make the most of hostel breakfasts, even if it’s just bread and jam, it can still fill you up for the most of the day and means you don’t have to spend extra on feeding yourself in the morning.

Speaking of hostels, another big challenge, unless you’re wild camping is finding a place to sleep for the night. The first option you could do is just to sleep in the cheapest hostel you can find, but these are often bad quality, could have bed bugs and most likely will provide an awful sleep. I’ve found that when it comes to accommodation, the best method is price comparison. Compare all the big names in accommodation such as HostelWorld or Booking, and find their prices. Do be warned, prices on all these sites can fluctuate wildly depending on when, where, and which room you’d like to stay in.

On a personal note, the way I find my accommodation these days is to look through HostelWorld, because I find the most reliable reviews are on this site, check out the ratings of the hostels, and once I’ve found my spot, I look up the hostel online and usually go through their website. Making a reservation directly through the hostel can quite often be cheaper than going through any other company and a decent way to know more info about the place before even arriving, just from the tone of the their emails/phone calls. However, be careful as I can say from my own experience, that there have been occasions when I’ve actually found it cheaper through another company and not from the hostel itself, I genuinely don’t know why this happens but make the most of it when you find it. That’s why it’s a really good idea to shop around, especially in more expensive places like Paris and Amsterdam.  A lot of hostels I’ve been to have also been recommended to me by trustworthy travellers and more often than not I always stay at those places because if we’ve met in a hostel together it’s likely that we share the same desires in accommodation. If you haven’t already checked out my Top 5 Favourite hostels in Europe, please do check that out too. I can personally also recommend a lot of decent hostels throughout Europe; all my contact details are listed here.

Now, I’m pretty sure I have a lot more tips and advice regarding finances but that’s as much as I can think of right now. For more information, and to see my beautiful face, head on over to my YouTube channel and watch all those videos, with a lot more to come.

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